In this 3rd of three calls I interview my good friend and business associate Duane Headings. Duane is an astute observer and quick learner. He has been a dealer with International Ag Labs for two years and has had the unique position of a front row seat to observe International Ag Labs fertility recommendations up close. Duane first started with IAL by incorporating our program into his turf business. He soon progressed to being a garden dealer. In this capacity he has mixed up many custom garden blends and shipped them around the U.S. as well as supplying many local gardens in is own community in Northern Arkansas.

Soon after he began working with our high brix garden program Duane got swamped with requests from market gardeners and larger row crop growers to consult with them. This had the affect of bringing Duane into a full-fledged agricultural dealer. He has worked, primarily among the Amish, across a broad range extending from Arkansas to Illinois and every state in between.

At the Call To Arms Conference Duane will be discussing the importance of the farmer continually monitoring soil energy using a simple conductivity meter. He will demonstrate how to take the reading and then interview two growers in a case study. These growers, David Yoder and Daniel Beechy, are neighbors and friends from the Bloomfield Iowa area. Both sell into a local produce auction. In both cases the conductivity readings had a large impact on their produce quality and bottom line. Here is a secret most market gardeners completely miss. As a refractometer is the supreme tool for consumers so the conductivity meter to measure soil energy is to the produce grower. If you are a produce grower you don't want to miss Duanes' presentation.

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