A Success Story As Told By Bob Siems You have heard the stories about global food shortages and even the rationing of rice here in the United States. Perhaps you have seen the buying power of your own income reduced at your local grocery store-I know I have. Are you concerned that the population is expanding so rapidly that it will be a real struggle just to find food in the future?

Is there a solution? Is it workable?

The answer is surprisingly simple!

One of the keys to solving world hunger, and putting more profit in the hands of hard working farmers is to increase the production capacity on a given area of land. How is this done? Once again a very simple answer. All we have to do for many soils is to increase the availability of one element from poverty status to sufficiency level and it is amazing how much yield is increased. This is especially pronounced when dealing with fruit and vegetable production. What element are we talking about?

Calcium. That's right, available calcium is many times the missing link and is a primary contributor of crop yield.

The Story Behind the Story

In the above video Bob Siems shares the amazing results he has seen since following International Ag Lab's market garden program. In 1½ years Bob's available calcium has risen from 1,075 lbs. per acre to 2,361 lbs. per acre. This is an increase of 220%. In plain language he more than doubled his available calcium. This is the story behind the story you need to keep in mind while viewing the video. What are the results?

See for yourself.


P.S. Please don't deduce that International Ag Labs is exclusively focused on calcium only. It takes a complete program looking at all plant nutrients to make a proper fertility program.

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