Hydro-CarbHydroCarb is a liquid carbohydrate with added nutrients encouraging microbial stimulation. This product contains humic and fulvic acids to enhance seed germination. HydroCarb is also the perfect complement to Z-Hume, a microbial inoculant. The goal is to create a thriving microbial community in the root zone which will continue to make valuable nutrients available to the plant.

Recommended Application

1 gal/acre

Typically Recommended Crops


1 gal/acre HydroCarb
3-5 gal/acre 8-25-0-0.10Mn-0.10Zn
2 qt/acre Z-Hume


In furrow with Starter:

1 gal/acre HydroCarb
1 gal/acre 8-25-0-0.10Mn-0.10Zn
1 qt/acre Z-Hume