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Dr. Dan Skow

Dan Skow is the Dean of the Reams-school of Agronomy. He has been teaching and promoting quality foods since the mid 70’s when he began team teaching with Dr. Carey Reams. Dan has consulted on numerous crops around the world and has clearly seen the principles of Dr. Reams proven time and again. Dan is the founder of International Ag Labs.


Jon Frank

Jon Frank is the organizer of the 1st Call To Arms Conference. He is a co-owner of International Ag Labs where he heads up the backyard garden and market garden divisions. Jon is active in soil consulting, training, writing, and promoting nutrient-dense foods. Along with a number of garden products, see, he recently developed a new laboratory test, The Nutrient Density Analysis, to analyze fresh foods for their mineral content.

With Guest Speaker

Dan Kittredge

Dan Kittredge is the Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association and Real Food Campaign. Dan is the son of prominent leaders in the organic movement, and has been an organic farmer since childhood. His experience managing organic farms and developing sustainable agriculture techniques has connected him to farmers in Central America, Russia, India and the United States. Dan is passionate about raising the quality of nutrition in our food supply through collaboration with committed individuals, businesses, and organizations that support the value of people growing and eating really good food.

An Emerging Food Revolution
That's Gaining Momentum

As the year 1775 was beginning to wind down the revolutionary war for American Independence was just beginning to heat up. General George Washington, in an effort to raise troops and support, issued his famous Call to Arms. This document was placed in various communities and was used for recruitment and to incite further patriotism. Here are the beginning words that helped push a nation toward freedom, liberty, and independence:





Today we see another revolution just beginning to heat up. This is a battle for the hearts, minds, and bodies of the next generation. A battle fought not with guns and bullets but rather with food. It is time, once again to:


• America’s overall health is at a crisis point
• Degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease at all-time highs
• Obesity is out of control
• Pharmaceutical companies make insane profits
• GMO’s remain unlabeled in our food supply
• Nutrient Density levels are plummeting
• Organics is becoming just another government program

All of these problems are the result of an industrialized agriculture coupled with corporate food processing under the oversight of a federal government completely out of control. When corporations control food and influence government, concern for consumer health is replaced with concern for corporate profit at any cost. For the sake of our posterity we must now make the consummate sacrifice. It is time for leadership and that leadership, my dear readers, must come from YOU.

The Real Culprit IS...

While most people who are knowledgeable about health and nutrition rightly denounce highly processed foods and the standard American diet, very few understand how insidious are the affects of eating foods with low nutrient density. In other words most nutritionists would highly commend eating a gourmet salad in place of a burger from a fast food joint. What they cannot explain is why that same salad causes such gas and indigestion and is actually a negative when consumed. Why? Because the components of that salad, while good food choices in and of themselves, no longer contain the nutrition they ought to.

Dropping levels of nutrient density is the hidden foe, the underlying cause of much of our medical problems and the obvious result of trying to industrialize a biological process. When the food we eat is no longer functional human health plummets and this is what we see all around us.

Organics to the Rescue?

Is organic production the answer to our dilemma? Sorry—organics is a guarantee of process not outcome. While greatly to be commended for not allowing GMO’s and pesticides, it offers no standard of nutrient density. Can it achieve high levels of nutrient density? Absolutely—but only if individual farmers fastidiously pursue it.

Mark my words, the organic industry as a whole will not standardize true nutrient density. Why do I say this? Because the government already controls the organic movement.

In organics the standard of quality is process and not outcome. Here is the dark, insider secret of organics: the process is being changed and molded so that the organic process can be industrialized just like conventional agriculture has been industrialized. To adhere to a standard of nutrient density will remove the control of the government and highlight the fact that food production is a biological and not an industrial process. This is why the organic movement will never accept a standard of nutrient density. It is easy to bribe or fool an organic inspector, but for all their ingenuity, people still haven’t figured out how to bribe a tomato plant to produce nutrient-dense tomatoes.

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…Dropping levels of nutrient density is the hidden foe, the underlying cause of much of our medical problems and the obvious result of trying to industrialize a biological process. When the food we eat is no longer functional, human health plummets and this is what we see all around us…

The Market Wants Your Produce IF...

After a long slumber the consuming public is slowly awakening. There is a growing awareness that our medical problems of physical degeneration are tied back to the soil and come to us via the foods we eat. The consuming public is beginning to see that industrialization of food production and processing is leading us down the primrose path to perdition. This growing awareness presents a tremendous opportunity—if you seize it. People are looking for quality food and finding none. There is an immense void just waiting to be filled. The bottleneck is not consumer demand but rather local production.

Here is where we reach the heart of this letter.
Achieving top-quality produce, as measured by a refractometer, is no walk in the park. If it was so easy the market would already be flooded with top-quality. In reality the market has never been flooded with top-quality, nor is it likely in the near future. I have a secret for you: If achieving nutrient density is no walk in the park, neither is it impossibly hard. Achieving nutrient density in your produce is within grasp but it requires two indispensable prerequisites before you start the journey; vision and passion.

Passion is something you will have to come up with on your own. Passion is grabbing hold of the vision and running with it as your very own. The purpose of Call to Arms is two-fold. The first is to clearly articulate the vision of foods being priced, bought, and sold on the basis of nutrient density/health implications. The second is to equip farmers with practical tools and techniques that will allow them to actually raise nutrient-dense foods.

Bob Siems shares the amazing results he has seen since following International Ag Lab’s market garden program.

"I can’t afford not to follow your (International Ag Labs) fertility program. This is the best year I have ever had in sales, quality of produce, and enthusiastic customers."

Bob Siems, Market Gardener, Fairmont MN


By the way, I can see definite improvements in overall garden

health and yield since I started with the testing and

amendments. Very satisfying indeed.


Lynn W, Backyard Gardener, Fort Jones CA



This year we followed your fertility recommendations exactly on our apples. As an experiment we did not apply your foliar program on a few rows. The difference was amazing. The trees with the weekly foliar
program yielded 10% more and, more importantly, graded 10% better in sizing. This was a phenomenal apple year for us.

Duane B, Large-Scale Fruit Producer, Zillah, WA

The Coming Market Standard

The world we live in is rapidly changing. Knowledge and information is growing at geometric proportions. Due to the rapid increase in information and technology more and more people are rejecting industrialized foods and are looking for alternatives. People are looking for real food, food that is whole, ethically-raised, and that truly nourishes the human mind and body. Discerning chef’s know that the secret to gourmet meals is top-quality foods. More and more soccer Moms are looking for clean, nutrient-dense produce. These market forces, strongly propelled by a failing “health-care” system, are setting the stage for a new standard. This new standard is not coming from the government, universities, large corporations, or even the organic industry. It is emerging from the grass roots—from people just like you.

What is this new standard? Nutrient Density.
Now is the time to TAKE NOTICE and prepare for the coming market standard.
The Call To Arms has been sounded.
Now is the time to equip yourselves so your position in the marketplace is right at the cutting edge.

What does the Call to Arms study course offer?

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When I first heard the price of Call To Arms, I almost croaked! When I finished the course I realized it was the best money I ever spent!


Brian D, Brookville OH



As you look back in time you may find the decision in front of you right now, the decision to participate in Call to Arms or not through the Call To Arms Study Course, to be a decision of monumental significance. Sometimes a simple fork in the road can lead to a world of difference and change nearly everything.

We believe this may be one of those moments.


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We hope you join us!

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