For the past 25 years International Ag Labs has been a leading proponent of quality foods and animal feedstock. Our approach has been to help farmers achieve quality by enhancing nutrient availability, microbial stimulation, and plant health.


Carey Reams

Dr. Carey Reams - 1930

Our philosophy rests on the teachings of Dr. Carey Reams who laid the nutritional foundation required to keep disease at bay while producing optimum yields of top quality. While researching foods during college, Dr. Reams discovered that foods vary considerably in quality, taste, and nutrient content. This led him on a quest to find out why. As a progressive agricultural engineer based in Orlando Florida, Reams discovered the specific requirements needed to grow top-quality food. His principles and concepts were later codified into a theory known as Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, or RBTI for short. Dr. Reams began to publicly teach classes on his discoveries starting in the 1970’s.


Dan Skow

Dan Skow - 1976

Dr. Daniel "Doc" Skow DVM, a practicing veterinarian, first met Dr. Reams in 1976. Dan studied the teachings of Dr. Reams for a number of years. They later teamed up to teach many agricultural courses together. During this time Dan became the leading agricultural student of Dr. Reams to carry the mantle to the next generation. Dan’s close relationship with Dr. Reams lead to a new business for Dan that included soil testing, consultation, and product formulation. Dan passed away in 2013.


Wendell Owens

Wendell Owens – 1985

In order keep his business active, Dan contacted Wendell Owens, a longtime associate and local farmer to manage operations. Initially Wendell was a one-man wonder doing all the work of soil testing, phone consultation, and product sales. Soon the business was growing and needed proper facilities and more staff. At this point Wendell bought into the company and has continued to manage operations. Wendell makes most of the fertility recommendations for International Ag Labs. Wendell, along with his son-in-law, Kevin, farm over 300 acres and manage a beef herd. They farm about half the land organically and the other half biologically. Wendell brings many years of practical farming experience to the table as he makes fertility recommendations.


Jon Frank

Jon C. Frank – 2001

The influence of International Ag Labs was felt way beyond the borders of the U.S. all the way to India where Jon was serving with a church-planting mission organization. Jon’s burden was to learn land and soil restoration and eventually take it back to the mission field. Jon started working for International Ag Labs doing clerical and administrative work in 2001. By 2005 he had bought into the company. At the same time Jon felt that International Ag Labs needed to focus specifically in helping gardeners grow nutrition in their backyard. This led to the development of the High Brix Garden method and Jon left the company in 2020.


Meet The Next Generation – You!

Today more and more people are recognizing the need for nutrition in the form of quality food, not pharmaceuticals, not nutraceuticals in a bottle but rather nutrient dense foods that truly nourish and sustain health. The future of your health is in your hands. You can grow your own nutrition!

We hope this website encourages you down a path leading to physical, mental, and spiritual health.


Wendell and the staff at International Ag Labs

Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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