AMAZE is a crystal-clear foliar spray with an analysis of 5-16-4. This product is a true solution and has a broad spectrum of trace minerals along with 5 units of calcium. AMAZE is unique because it combines plant-available phosphate with soluble calcium. By combining these two elements, calcium becomes mobile in the plant and migrates directly to the fruit of the crop in which it is applied increasing the bulk of the fruit or vegetable.

AMAZE does not contain chelated elements as chelating elements reduce effectiveness when used in a foliar spray but work great in a soil fertility program. With proper soil fertility in conjunction with correct foliar applications to fruit and vegetables, AMAZE combined with LSB creates a team that can’t be beat. AMAZE’s success is attributed to its properties allowing phosphate and calcium to penetrate the leaf surface—the way nature intended it to.

Recommended application

1 – 2 qts/acre AMAZE
1 qt/acre LSB
3 lbs Dextrose
20 gal/acre Water

Typically recommended crops

Foliar apply recommended application every 7-10 days

Apples, Pears & Peaches 5-7 applications after fruit set
Cherries, Tomatoes & Bell Peppers 4 applications after fruit set
Strawberries Spray weekly after fruit set
Melons 6-8 applications after fruit set
Potatoes 4-5 applications after tuber set
Alfalfa 1 application at 2-4” tall after each cutting
Nuts 5-7 applications after blossom drop

Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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