Three years ago International Ag Labs discontinued a very effective microbial product used planting. The mix of microbes used in our product was no longer available. As a result we substituted Z-Hume into the starter program. As a liquid inoculant Z-Hume worked well even though its primary purpose was in residue digestion in the fall. After 3 years of careful research are pleased to offer X-Hume as our preferred starter inoculant. Due to its ease of use Hume is packaged in the same liquid carrier as Z-Hume. Because of widespread use of pesticides and herbicides we wanted a bacterial package that could not only promote a healthy rhizosphere but also detoxify pesticide residues. We found that in the pseudomonas bacteria species heavily favored in the X-Hume inoculant.


2 qts/acre


Broadcast with Nitrogen Solution or Sidedress

25-50 gal/sacre 28 or 32%
2 qts/acre Z-Hume
2-4 gals Thiosul
3 lbs/acre Dextrose

Corn Starter Preferred Program

1 gal HydroCarb
2 qts X-Hume
5 gals 8-25-0-0.10Mn-0.10Zn

Corn Starter Economical Program

2 qts X-Hume
3 lbs dissolved Dextrose
1 pt RL-37
5 gals 8-25-0-0.10Mn-0.10Zn

Soybean Starter

1 gal HydroCarb
2 qts X-Hume
1 gal 8-25-0-0.10Mn-0.10Zn



Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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