Fertilizer Brokerage

Fertilizer Brokerage is a service provided by International Ag Labs to forward our mission of helping you to grow quality and improve biology as well as the mineral availability to get better profit from your farm.

Fertilizer Brokerage

Fertilizer Brokerage is a service being offered by International Ag Labs to help organic and biological farmers get the best delivered prices for a number of fertilizer products we recommend. Some of them are difficult to find or secure, so we're providing a way that you can go to one spot and request quotes delivered to your farm for various dry and liquid fertilizers. It's a service to complement what you're able to get locally.

Request a quote

We'd like to invite you to request a quote on the various dry and liquid fertilizer products you use and are wanting to see if you can get a better price on. We may be able to save you some of your hard earned money and provide a valuable service through our extensive network of contacts and suppliers and a history of knowledge and expertise in the field of agriculture.

Logistical side of Fertilizer Brokerage

Gary is the one who handles the logistical side of Fertilizer Brokerage on our behalf. You can read more about him on www.fertilizerbrokerage.com. He'll quote you delivered prices as quickly as he can and do his best to find whatever you're looking for at the best price possible. The fine application of it all with regards to soil needs, however, continues to be handled by Wendell or Jon.

Some of the fertilizer products offered by Fertilizer Brokerage:

Wendell Owens

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Wendell Owen

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