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WayAhead 7X is a foliar trace mineral package containing Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, and Nickel in addition to Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Applying WayAhead 7X creates the potential for a healthier plant that has a better chance of withstanding stress such as disease and insect infestation ultimately resulting in increased yield potential.

This product is unlike many other foliars in that all the trace minerals are in the nitrate form. More importantly, these trace minerals are hooked up to a phosphate which allows for greater penetration and mobility within the plant. Trace minerals applied in the chelate or sulfate form, while great for soil, perform poorly in plant penetration and mobility within the plant. Combining WayAhead 7X with Bloomit® makes for a healthy plant loaded with yield potential! With strong soil fertility established, a foliar application of WayAhead 7X can take yield to the next level.

Recommended application

1 qt/acre

Recommended application

Corn (V5 – Pre-Tassle):

1 qt WayAhead 7X ­
2 lbs Dextrose
­15-20 gal Water

Soybeans (V4 – R1): ­

1 qt WayAhead 7X
­2 lbs Dextrose
15-20 gal Water

Soybeans (R1 – Maturity):

1 qt WayAhead 7X ­
1 qt Bloomit ­
2 lbs Dextrose
15-20 gal Water

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