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Foundations for Success


Addressing the three main sciences and the importance of a consulting team that will allow a farmer to reach the pinnacle of success.


Fruit Trees on Steroids


An in depth look at the nutritional foundations it takes to product top quality fruit in today’s competitive market.


Call to Arms


Equipping market gardeners to product nutrient dense food.


Farming's Next Frontier


A look into taking yield as well as plant health and nutrition to the next level via tissue testing, foliar feeding, and adequate soil nutrients.


Foliar Plant Nutrition


Outlining the wide variety of nutrients and their vital roles in the soil and plant in addition to soil microbiology. Also, a real life success story made possible by following IAL guidelines.


Advanced Soil Energy Concepts


An intensive look at soil and plant energy, and the energy needed from soil nutrients to grow bountiful crops. The impact of foliar applications and other inputs is also discussed.


True Profit Comes from the Soil


Reviewing the legacy of Dr. Carey Reams and the importance of nutrient balance and soil rehabilitation in addition to the importance of superior fertility and microbial inputs.


Unlocking the Secrets of Soils & Foliars


A thorough examination of each component of the Morgan soil testing method along with a basic overview of soil energy and mineralization.


Nutrition & Plant Health


An opportunity to hear Dr. Huber speak on subjects that will impact your farming/growing operation. Dr. Huber is a recognized authority on the importance of trace minerals and plant health.


Feed the Soil, Plant, Leaf


How to optimize soil for your specific crop, the importance of monitoring soil energy and the important role of foliar nutritional sprays. Class for large and small growers with a special focus on large produce growers.


The Garden Workshop


This DVD Series focuses on growing nutrient dense foods. Jon Frank is co-teaching with Lynn Hoag (Sun Country Gardens Master Gardener). Valuable gardening information you don't want to miss!


The Tomato Project 2016


How to increase the fruit density in a fixed space utilizing a new and extreme HORIZONTAL trellising system! Valuable to greenhouse growers or home gardeners with limited space.

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