Introduction to
Biological Agriculture

By Jon Frank


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I am offering a 30-day teaching sequence via emails. Some will be about soil and growing plants while others will stray far off topic.

Either way I promise it'll be provocative and entertaining...


Biological Agriculture

Each email teaches one aspect of the Reams/Skow method. At the end, we'll look at Dr. Reams' personal life and how it lays the context for his major contributions and enduring legacies.

Biological Agriculture Introduction

A biological approach to farming encourages farmers to move away from toxic farming practices and toward a biological approach. We will take a look at what that means.

Introduction to Biological Agriculture

We will touch numerous topics including foliar feeding, soil health and soil optimization, growth energy vs. fruiting energy and much more!

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Testimonies of people who took the course

I want to thank you for your continued efforts to educate people. Especially like me who is just getting a grasp on what gardening is all about. I have read about Carey Reams and his discovery on balancing soils, but don't full comprehend it yet, but you have broken it down to where it is helping me think differently about the soil and its relationship to having healthy plants and nutritious produce. --David Stearman


Been carrying your 30 days letters around like my bible. I can't thank you enough. Your thoughts and efforts are gifts beyond measure. --Dennis Wilt


Thank you so much for your work. It has been a pleasure to read your emails every morning and learn something new every day. --Dave Gouaux


I have enjoyed this series and look forward to it every day. --Rodney Graham


Thank you Jon, a truly amazing 30 days. Please keep me on your list. Dr. Reams was an enlightened, and fascinating man. Great series of information that you have provided as well. --Geno B


Great stuff John! I'm looking forward to your forthcoming book? (please, please, please...) --Jim Lee

Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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