Ammonium Sulfate: AMS (12-0-0-24S)

  • Slower releasing nitrogen source
  • Useful in making calcium plant available

Fish Emulsion (5-1-1)

  • Derived from Menhaden (ocean) fish
  • Natural organic source

Granular Soft Rock Phosphate

  • Contains approximately 60 different trace minerals
  • Holds a certain electromagnetism holding calcium up in the root zone

Potassium Sulfate (0-0-50-17S)

  • Does not contain chlorides which are found in potash
  • Contains more of a neutral pH and won’t move soil pH

Monoammonium Phosphate: MAP (12-61-0)

  • Technical grade MAP
  • Used to formulate liquids or dry blends that are water soluble

Liquid Calcium (9-0-0-11Ca)

  • Water soluble
  • Immediately available nitrogen and mixes will with other nitrogen forms

Chilean Nitrate (16-0-0)

  • The only organic nitrate source available
  • Comes from a deposit of dried bird guano in the desert

Potassium Nitrate (13-0-46)

  • Water soluble dry
  • Comes in prill or granular form

Potassium Sulfate (0-0-52)

  • Water soluble
  • Great product for drip lines or formulating product mixtures

Monopotassium Phosphate: MKP (0-52-34)

  • Phosphorous is in phosphate form and immediately plant available
  • Great option for drip lines to increase soluble phosphorous and potassium

Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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